Graphic Design

A lot of things can change in three months. Now I have a new job (hurray!) and I’m starting school this fall. Graphic design, two years. It’s a mixed feeling. In one way I’m really looking forward to it, in another way I’m not. Because no matter how old you are it’s always going to be shit-scary starting a new school and job. “Will I like it? Will they like me? What if nobody wants to be my friend???” The terror. Usually here in cold and beautiful Norway, most people won’t have to pay for their education. University and so on are free. You only pay a yearly fee. But some schools, like the one I’m starting, are not. This is a private school and I shit you not, it’s expensive… But that’s the thing with studies like graphic design, photography and so on: you’ll have to pay. And that’s fine. Thing is, this school recommends a Mac. And I get why, Mac is a better “design computer”. Well woho! I already have a Mac! So money saved. Right? *duuuurt*. Wrong. Four weeks after I get accepted into this school my Mac decides that life isn’t worth living, and that I should eat shit. And it dies. Just like that. Harddisk error. And so on and so on. So, new Mac! Because you know I’m so God damn rich that I love the idea of spending all my money on a piece of aluminium and wiring. D’oh.

That was all. Just needed to say that sometimes shit happens at a shitty time

Oh btw, I forgot to mention… Two days ago Bendik’s computer died as well. Acer. Because what’s better than using your vacation money on a new computer? Using it on two computers! Fuck-di-doo




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