Treningsprogram – Workout schedule

Så var det bare å begynne å trene da! Det første vi gjorde var å lage et treningsprogram. Nå har jeg hatt mye om nettopp det på videregående, men den kunnskapen satt knapt ut uka. Så etter mye Googling, banning og ny kunnskap kom jeg frem til et program som skulle “dytte oss” igang


So… Only one thing to do. Get that ass moving! The first thing we did was putting together a workout schedule. You get thought all kinds of things in school about doing exactly that, but like with many other things in school: they’re quickly forgotten. Still, after several hours of Googling, cursing and learning new sh*t I was left with a schedule that would kick start our butts.


Translation: Jogging, squats, deadlift, leg curl, lunges, standing calf raise, jogging


Translation: Jogging, reverse sit ups, the plank, russian twist, diagonal lifts, dumbbell bent-over row, jogging


Translation: Jogging, seated row, bench press, bicep curl, dips, pushdown, jogging


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