Why is candy soooooo goooooooood?

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My pumpkin’ sweety pie Bendik (trying my very best to embarrass him now) makes his own music. Only using a computer and a keyboard. Woooow dude! Anyway, I’m really proud of him and think he’s doing a great job! Here is a Poirot (theme song) “remix” he just finished. Give it a listen, huh?

Pilates Help


Did my Pilates today. Got some help from my stepson!ImageImage



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Okay… what’s all this Batman hype? Ben Affleck as Batman, people are going crazy. I guess I don’t have to remind anyone how much shit Ledger got when news that he was the new Joker hit the press. Who know, Ben Affleck might be reaaally good! And Christian Bale… Really???? The guy sounds like he’s constantly horse/horny. That’s not the Batman I want

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London by Alex Smith

London by Alex Smith

This is a song made and recorded by a guy named Alex Smith (I think he’s English, but lives in Chicago). I heard the song through my dad, who heard it from a friend of Alex. I own no rights to this song, all rights reserved Alex Smith.

Give it a listen. I love it!

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Eating Right

My biggest problem has never been working out. Because, I like it. I like running, walking, weight lifting, squash, and so on… But eating the right stuff? YUK! I like burgers. I like kebab. I like CANDY GODDAMNIT! I like Coca Cola. I like chocolate. IS THAT A CRIME NOW?

But seriously, it’s tough. I’ve steered away from fish and things remotely healthy for the last year. With exceptions. I just love junk. So the hardest part about losing weight for me has been my diet. But I’m getting there! I’ve found some new healthy alternatives. Bread with salami for breakfast? NOPE! Yoghurt with healthy blueberry/cranberry cereal and fresh cherries from the garden. 

More bread with fat cheese, mayo and salami for lunch? HELL NO! Wrap with chicken, Philadelphia, tomato, lettuce, corn and (here’s the real yummy part) sprinkle on a little grill seasoning. Now that’s a friggin’ good wrap. Try it. Dig it. Oooh yeah. WOOH! Sorry. I just love that wrap. I don’t even like bread. Why did I eat so much bread??? *gives Bendik the stinky eye*

Well, there you have two healthy tips. I recommend using whole wheat wraps or even lefse made with oats.

Tips for other healthy meals are welcome


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POP Pilates

Hey guys!

Like I mentioned I’m kind of hooked on Pilates these days. To be honest I can’t remember what got me into the idea, but I’ve always wanted to try Pilates. Mostly because I’ve heard it’s good for your back, and my spine is a friggin’ death trap. I have fell down too many stairs, and slipped way too much on ice. Long story short, by back is a everlasting problem. So… Pilates! I Googled it and found (by clicking a link, the next link, a video, a comment and so on and so on) a blog called blogilates. Cassey Ho! She is great. Not only because she really knows what she’s doing, but because she motivates me. And man… I need that. 

I’ve started something called POP Pilates for Beginners, and it feels like I’ve been trampled, shot, hung by my arms and thrown into a pit of vicious kittens. Because it hurts. So bad. GREAT!

Now. This is a very unflattering picture of me, but I just have to show you. 



That’s how hard it is

I mean, seriously guys… If you’re like me, you’re proud when it stings a little. Proud when your body aches. You fell good when you can’t walk the stairs without swearing and crying a little. That’s when you know you’ve done a good job! 

So I recommend taking a look. And if it seems cool, get started on the Beginner’s calendar

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